LATEST NEWS: Winter tracking in the Lofoten Islands

MARCH - 2013

raquettes lofoten

We have just spent a fortnight hiking through the mountains and valleys in the powdery snow, snowshoes on our feet, sometimes in stormy weather, other times under a clear blue sky, but always with the same sense of wonder!

We continue our hike with softened footsteps in the countryside momentarily frozen by the snow. The absolute quiet here is sometimes broken by an encounter with a white hare or a sea-eagle flying overhead.


In the evening, wrapped up in warm jackets, we spend hours admiring the Northern Lights that dance in the starry night just above the small port where we are staying.

Below, on the narrow coastal strip where the islands’ inhabitants live, it’s the cod fishing season and business is in full swing.
 While many small fishing boats are busy in the immense Vestfjord, on land hundreds of workers clean and dry the fish on wooden racks. 
The manufacture of Stockfish (air-dried cod) is a speciality of the Lofoten Islands that has existed for generations, as described in the account by the 15-century navigator Pietro Querini.

aurore boréale au dessus du port de sorvagen
Bateaux de pêche dans le port d'Henningsvaer

Many ports on the islands are a hive of activity. A fleet of small fishing boats is constantly coming to port to unload its cargo of fresh cod before heading back out to sea. On the only road that crosses the Lofoten Islands you often come across tractors carrying cod to the large wooden racks facing the sea.

For a long time now we have been eager to organise an exceptional tour here in the depths of winter. The hikes we’ve been on this winter have convinced us that the Lofoten Islands are just as spectacular in their winter coats as under their green, flowery covering in summer. 
The details of our new winter 2014 tour in the Lofoten Islands will soon be uploaded onto our site.

Hope to see you soon,

David & Magdalena

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The Guides

Our team consists of approximately ten independent guides who have worked on the Lofoten Islands for many years. They all have very different knowledge and know a variety of different destinations, but they all share their fascination with this tiny area of Norway; the Lofoten Islands.


Bruno Froidurot

Bruno F

European Mountain Leader since 2013
Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2015

Eric Bibollet-Ruche

Eric BR

European Mountain Leader since 1997
Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2012

Cédric Deslex

Cedric D

European Mountain Leader since 2013
Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2015

David Souyris

David 1
European Mountain Leader since  2002

Co-founder of the Exploranor agency
Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2003

Magdalena Brede

Magdalena B
A Norwegian guide since 2006

Co-founder of the Exploranor agency
Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2006

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