Getting to the starting point of a tour

All our tours leave from Leknes (in the center of the Lofoten Islands) 

Even though you must get to the starting point at your own expense, we can help you organise your journey to Leknes..

There are two possibilities

 The simplest way    If you have the time

Flight from an European capital to Leknes

with Scandinavian Airlines.
> online SAS booking


a) European capital-Bodo (Norway) by plane
> book your SAS flights online
> or book your flights with Norwegian (low cost)
b) Bodo-Stamsund (Lofoten) on the Hurtigruten boat
> Hurtigruten bookings
c) Stamsund-Leknes regular bus route


For any questions about travelling to the Lofoten Islands, please contact us. We will do everything we can to help.

Why do we ask you to buy your own plane tickets?

1) Because it’s cheaper than buying them through our agency! Even though we are a travel agency, we buy plane tickets at virtually the same price as you can find them on the internet. And if we add our mark-up to the ticket price we therefore increase the cost of your trip, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

2) Because nowadays it is both simple and secure to buy plane tickets on the internet.

3) Because it gives you more freedom of choice (airline, departure point, categories)



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