Snowshoeing on Seiland Island

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Seiland National Park

logo seiland parc nationalThe island of Seiland is in Finnmark county off the city of Hammerfest at 70° of latitude. Although people have lived on Seiland for 7,000 years, this large island (583 km2 / 362 mi.2) has less than 150 inhabitants during the year, spread over six little coastal hamlets. Today, over half the island is a national park with many fjords of different sizes surrounded by mountains that plunge into the sea. Its cliffs shelter an extremely rich population of birds of prey. Seiland also has two glaciers and its subsoil, composed of ultrabasic rocks (rich in iron and magnesium minerals and silica), is the basis of rich, abundant plant life. Some areas of the island outside the national park are used as sheep pastures—a very primitive race (the villsau), well adapted to rude climatic conditions. Reindeer are also present on the island, which provides them with summer pastures from April to October. Reindeer give birth on the island and fatten up all summer before swimming back to the continent for the winter season. During some harsh winters, when the weather makes crossing the fjord too difficult, the reindeer remain on the island, fed by their Sami (Lapp) herders, in order to get through the winter.
The island of Seiland is still rarely visited. It offers infinite possibilities for hiking (and snowshoeing) and skiing, but also for hunting and fishing.


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 moderate to tough - minimum 800 m of total uphill climb/day. 7 to 6 hours’ walk per day.
> Keys to success: capable of exercising one hour every other or third day (endurance sport - jogging, swimming, tennis, etc.). Mountain trekking or hiking experience. Capable of adapting to difficult conditions (weather, simple accommodation, etc.) and of maintaining a quite high level of endurance.

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How to get to the starting point (Alta)

Scandinavian airlines (SAS and its subsidiary Wideroe, as well as the low cost NORWEGIAN) offers flights from Paris to Alta with a stopover in Oslo or Copenhagen.  Easy departures also from Brussels, Amsterdam...

You can contact us if you need help finding the right flights, we will check what are the best flights available for you.

Day -1 (Sunday) flight Paris - Alta*/ with SAS or another campany
*you will need a hotel room in Alta (we can book this for you)

Day 1 (Monday) - start of the trip

Day 8 (Monday) Flight Alta - Paris / with NORWEGIAN or SAS

Traveller reviews

Snowshoeing on Seiland Island (guided - taillor made/"pilot" trip) - Caroline
from 19/03/2017 - rating of the trip : 10/10  

Tres satisfait "We've had all kinds of weather, and went out by sun or storm; every weather had its own charm and left great memories. My favorite place is the island of Vinna, which we reached by boat to climb its summit, there was a unique feeling of 'end of the world', the ruins on the island adding to the mystery of the place. An extraordinary guide: very professional (we felt really in good hands), he was able to make the best out of the weather and the environment, great human qualities; integration and sharing of knowledge. Bruno made a great contribution to make this trip unforgettable. The transfert from Alta to Seiland by minibus was finally a very good thing, it allowed us to discover the diversity of the landscapes of north Norway and have a taste of what we tended, a good transition. The accommodation was super comfortable and well equipped, perfect for our small group."

smiley satisfaction EN