Cédric Deslex

Cedric D

European Mountain Leader since 2013

Cédric has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2015

Other destinations: Jura, Hautes-Alpes
Interests: Hiking, climbing, mountaineering but also badminton !

"The Lofoten Islands fascinate me, each climb offers new perspectives. On one side, there are wild and inaccessible mountains that reveal their varied landscapes. Behind you, on the other side, you have this steep view on a sea, whose turquoise color evokes places from other latitudes…"

Magdalena Brede

Magdalena B Norwegian guide since 2006 – Co-founder of the Exploranor agency

Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2006

Other destinations: Nepal, Sikkim

Interests: Travel, cookery, photography, sketching

"I come from southern Norway and was very surprised when I saw the Lofoten Islands for the first time. It is a unique group of islands that combines all the marvels that Norwegian nature has to offer. It’s a miniature world with its golden-sand beaches, lush valleys, craggy peaks and small fishing ports dotted along the east coast. I remain just as impressed year after year."

Bruno Froidurot

Bruno F

European Mountain Leader since 2013

Bruno has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2015

Other destinations: Irland, the Julian Alps,The Picos de Europa (Spain), the Carpathian Mountains, and the French mountains
Interests: Hiking, climbing, alpinism and ski when travelling. In my everyday life, I enjoy literature, beekeeping, and berry, asparagus or mushrooms picking.

"The Lofoten Islands are not easy to forget, as they offer exactly what people come for : a mixture of isolated and preserved nature; polar austerity, severity of the mountains rising strait up from the Norwegian Sea and the mildness of the oceanic climate, lakes, streams; and the silence surrounding them"

Eric Bibollet-Ruche

Eric BREuropean Mountain Leader since 1997

Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2012

Other destinations: Lapland, Iceland, but mainly the Alps (Mont-Blanc, Valais, Vanoise, Grand Paradis, Queyras, etc.)

Interests: mountaineering, skiing, mountain rescue (mountain rescue team), nursing, first-aid ski patrolman, photography, botany, etc.

"In the Lofoten Islands I find a perfect combination of the two very wild environments I adore: the sea and mountains. Here the two aspects go together perfectly to produce landscapes that take your breath away, as well as wildlife you haven’t even dreamed of when you first set foot on the islands. Like in the Alps, people have nevertheless settled here and managed to adapt over the centuries to make the most of the wilderness which has remained unspoilt."

David Souyris

David 1
European Mountain Leader since 2002 – Co-founder of the Exploranor agency

Has guided groups in the Lofoten Islands since 2003

Other destinations: Nepal, Sikkim, France, Oman

Interests: Walking, travel, photography

“I have been coming here for over ten years now to spend six months guiding groups in the Lofoten Islands. When I am about to head off for the islands in April, I always feel the same excitement at the idea of hiking in this magical place that combines sea and mountain landscapes so perfectly”